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September 6, 2009

One thing I find I am enjoying more and more is gardening. I always hated helping my parents garden as a kid, at least the hard parts, so I’m not sure where this is coming from except from a sense of personal responsibility. My parents usually have an over-abundance from their garden each year, so its not like I need to grow my own. But still I want to do it. This was the 3rd year of our garden.

This year we had a much better crop of sweet corn than last. We might have had 5 or 6 edible ears last year where this year we had close to 30. I think the key was having more rows. I had 3 rows last year and 6 rows this year. It gave the corn more pollination possibilities.

We had way too many tomatoes this year – more than we knew what to do with. Cherry tomatoes especially. Next year I’m going heirloom on most tomato varieties.

I abandoned carrots. Last year they were short and stubby. Soil must have been too compact or something.

Blackberries were abundant.

Had a good crop of bell peppers.

Potatoes were decent but not great.

Watermelons! We had 4 really good ones. My son Gabe loves watermelon.

One disappointment this year was our strawberries. I let the weeds get too thick I think. They really suffered. I’m thinking about making a raised bed for them soon.

I need to work on the east side of the garden. Its close to a large oak tree and is deficient in all nutrients. But I have a solution. COMPOST!

I’m collecting seeds from various plants for next season. Overall, I must say that this year was pretty good.

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