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Best Paper Airplane?

September 7, 2009
airplane A good paper airplane can keep a young boy occupied for hours, especially when he makes the plane himself. I used to make airplanes a lot as a kid, so when people claim they have the best paper airplane in the world, I take notice. I happen to think I make a pretty good plane, but this lifehacker post shows how to make the world record holding paper airplane. Hmmpff.

I wonder if that plane could make it from the high C-section in the Assembly Hall (Champaign, IL) all the way down to the basketball court — AND — get picked up by a ref and tossed to the side during the state tournament? HMMM?? One of my planes did! That’s right… I didn’t throw it – too chicken – but if I remember right, Davis Bauguss made the fateful throw. BUT I MADE THE PLANE!

Anyway, I’m going to have to try this out. A good plane shouldn’t take origami lessons to make. My plane can be done in 12 folds…

My plane:
#1) Fold in half lengthwise, then unfold leaving a crease down the center
#2 and #3) Fold the top corners down until the sides meet in the middle
#4) Fold the top triangle down
#5 and #6) Fold top corners down again (like #2)
#7 and #8) Tear off or fold the tips of the corners you just folded (maybe 1/2″ square)
#9) Fold up the tip exposed by your tear
#10) Fold plane backwards down your original crease
#11 and #12) Fold down a wing on each side. I usually fold down even with the bottom edge.

My dad taught me how to make this plane and its the best one I have ever built. Give it a shot.

Honorable Mention:
I made this flapping wing plane once. Very cool. You have to throw it pretty hard.

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