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Raised bed update

September 15, 2009

I have pretty much finished the raised bed for my strawberries. Like I said in my earlier post, its quite crude.


Its made of some long logs I had cut up from a tree that had fallen on the property. As you can see they are held in place by wooden stakes. I thought about making a mud/clay/straw mixture to cake over the gaps, but this will probably suffice for a season or two.

The bed was filled with a mixture of straw, compost, top soil, and garden soil, plus some of the light gray soil-like-substance our garden is made of. The straw was mainly filler, since I didn’t buy enough of the good soil. It should break down nicely.

I planted 3 different strawberry varieties: wild on the south edge, ginormous in the middle, and ever-bearing on the north side. I don’t care if they mix, I’m sure they will taste fine.

Here is a finished photo (it was getting dark).


Hope I transplanted them in time so they survive the winter. The main reason I made this was in the hopes that I can control the weeds a little better in a raised bed. My old patch was overrun with grass this year.

Also, here is a photo of my established blackberries (left) and my raspberries I planted this spring (right). Also, you can barely see the small batch of lettuce I planted last month to the far right and my compost bin in the middle there.

And my blueberry bush planted last year. Hoping for delicious blueberries next year! The weeds to the left is my old strawberry patch. Going to till those under soon.

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