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Experiments in cooking

September 20, 2009

This evening I decided to relieve the wife and cook a nice meal for the family.
I chose to make “Pa’s Corn Dogs”.

pronto pup

Kids love ’em. Adults like ’em. What could go wrong?

I was following the corndog recipe over on Hillbilly Housewife, and I heated the grease until it was practically smoking. I don’t have a deep fat fryer so I was using a large pan. I fixed the batter just like the recipe said, dipped the dogs in flour, then in the batter and then I took the plunge and placed the pronto pup in the hot grease.

One second later, the batter formed a large bubble on the top side of the pup which suddenly popped and began shooting scalding hot grease all over the stove top. The grease was WAY to hot, so I turned it down and tried again. Same thing. This time the bubble was bigger and made a bigger mess, not to mention that the batter all but peeled off leaving a very thin, hard layer. Turning the heat down further, I found the proper temperature. The third corn dog turned out slightly better (small bubble), but just didn’t taste right. So I added maybe 1/4 teaspoon of salt, and 1 additional tablespoon of sugar. I also decided to not use sticks and make mini-corndogs by cutting the hot dogs in half.

These mini-dogs turned out much better and didn’t bubble at all (maybe my heat had gone down enough by then). But the damage was done, the kitchen was a mess and the kids had already eaten some and went back to watching cartoons. So dinner was a bust – and the dogs sort of gave me a stomach ache.

Maybe I should stick with Pa’s Pizza, or Pa’s Chicken Nuggets. Those aren’t nearly as messy and the chance of dying from grease burns is far slimmer.

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