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So much for Reunification

September 21, 2009

One in seven Germans want Berlin Wall back

old german map

The survey found that many westerners are bitter about higher taxes to pay for rebuilding the formerly communist east, where some 1.2 trillion euros ($1,762 billion) worth of state funds has been transferred in the last 20 years.

Eastern Germans are unhappy about income levels that are on average only 80 percent of western levels and that due to higher unemployment depopulation is decimating parts of the east, where the population has declined by about two million since 1990.

20 years of German welfare and wealth redistribution and they still haven’t learned that socialism doesn’t work. Maybe they should try lowering taxes in the East and killing this “solidarity tax” in the West.

Obama and all liberals take note please.

Interesting WSJ article on the status of Germany 20 years after reunification.

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