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Its always good to have a plan

September 27, 2009

Back in August, we bought 5 acres adjacent to our original 7 acre plot. Its currently planted in soybeans so I can’t do anything until those are picked, but I’ve written down what I want to do with the land.

    What to do with the land

  1. plant pasture grasses (white clover, tall fescue, maybe some chickory)
  2. put up a fence (roughly 1000 feet $$)
  3. build a chicken coop
  4. get some chickens (6-8)
  5. build shelter for cattle
  6. build feed trough, buy a water tank
  7. build storage for feed
  8. put up some gates and fence around trough (way to get cows in/out)
  9. transport for large cows, like an enclosed tailer (borrow)
  10. buy some cows
  11. sell cows for $$ and food

I would also like to plant a small stand of native prairie grasses, but that may have to wait.

We used to raise cows when I was growing up. It was a good source of chores and some extra money for me. Hope I can work it out the same way for my boys.

This plan may take 2 or 3 years depending on the state of my bank account.

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