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Most Illogical

October 12, 2009

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) is the new champion of the left and torch bearer for the public option in the new Healthcare reform fiasco coming out of Washington. Listen to his sound arguments

America cannot wait any longer; we’re losing 44,789 Americans, who die every single year because they have no health insurance. That’s 122 every single day. We have to move ahead to save these American lives, and we have to move now.

I won’t comment on weather he is the next Bob Dylan or Shakespeare, but his logic is about as sound as a belch.

44,789 (very specific numbers) Americans die because they have no health insurance. I wonder if the CDC is tracking “no health insurance” as a cause of death now? It must be right up their with heart disease and cancer. This is just stupid. Thousands of people die every year that HAVE health insurance. Health insurance doesn’t cure you or operate on you, or heal you in any way. Doctors do that.

And he has the nerve to call Republicans Neanderthals?
Grayson is a moron.

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