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A Message To Senator Roland W. Burris

November 25, 2009

I received an e-mail from my distinguished Senator, Roland Burris, touting his newfangled website and declaring his love for a health care reform public option. Read the e-mail.

I love the picture of Roland with the “medical professionals”. They look straight out of med-school if not still in it. Real professionals that have been involved with health care for a long time would probably disagree with the distinguished Senator.

Well I decided to respond to the e-mail and here is what I wrote:

In an e-mail sent to me you said “I would like to hear from you” concerning Healthcare. In the very next sentence you claim to be convinced of the need for a public option. Mr. Burris, you obviously do not want to hear from me since you have already made up your mind on the subject.

Be informed that voting for the Reid/Pelosi/Obama Healthcare reform bill in its current form will NOT endear you to your constituents since a majority of people in this country OPPOSE it.

Please reconsider your decision to support this bill and I will reconsider being convinced to vote against you in the next election.

I’m sure Roland will never read it.

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