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Illinois is bankrupt

January 20, 2010 Comments off

If there was ever a need for some fiscal discipline, even bloodletting, it is now.
Illinois enters a state of insolvency
I would almost say good riddance, let the state die, but I need to buy some more personal protection and emergency supplies first. No telling what this will lead to.

Oh yeah, thanks Rod and fellow democrats!



I’m ready for spring!

January 15, 2010 Comments off

This winter isn’t even a month old and I’m sick of it. Maybe its because the snow has stuck around too long.

Whatever the cause of my discontent, I am just itching to get started on this year’s to do list. I’m going to get some chickens, so I’ve started designing a chicken coop. I would like to get some cows as well, but before doing that I need to sow some pasture seed in late February. Then I need to put up a fence. And I’m getting an urge to buy some heirloom seeds for the garden already.

I just hope there’s enough money to do all this.

I’ll post my coop design when its finished. Hopefully I can start building it soon. Baby chicks go on sale in March.

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Been a while

January 15, 2010 Comments off

I guess I should start posting stuff again.
I slow down in the winter…….

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