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Finally, winter is almost over

March 7, 2010

This seems to be one of the longest winters on record to me. Perhaps its because I’m looking forward to spring so much; to planting the garden, raising some chickens, and putting up a fence around our new pasture.

I hope its not too early, but I have started some peppers in little peat pots. In a couple more weeks I’ll start tomatoes.

And I finally took the plunge and bought 25 chickens at the local Rural King store. 15 “Production Red” and 10 “Brown Leghorn”.

We’ve already had one fatality from what looked like suffocation. They all huddle up under the heat lamp and trample each other for the warmest spot. The deceased must have gotten stuck.

Now that I have chickens I guess this means I better build a coop — quickly.

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