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A good day for planting a garden

April 2, 2010

It was another glorious, warm day in central Illinois.  A good day to plant some early crops that should be able to withstand a little frost.  The average last frost date in this area is May 10th so its a good month until I can plant tomatoes, peppers, corn, beans, cucumbers, etc.  But, its just the right time to plant potatoes, lettuce, onions, peas and carrots!

So that’s just what I did today.

It was a hard 4 hours of tilling and raking raised rows.  I had tilled twice already and I gave some areas another go to loosen up some clods.  Plus I had to play catch with my 8 year old several times which was fun, but doesn’t get any work done.  So I guess that’s my excuse for not having any pictures.  😉  I’ll try to get some tomorrow but its supposed to rain.

But I did draw up a garden plan using the Gimp image editing app (BTW, its free.  I use it to make birthday party invitations for the kids too.).  Here’s the plan…

(I wish my strawberry patch was actually that full.)

The potatoes where planted similar to the way described in this post on New Life on a Homestead.  The only difference was I created a raised row and cut a furrow a few inches deep.  I then placed the taters in the furrow and covered them with a shallow layer of dirt.  Then I put on a layer of straw.  We’ll see how that goes.  I also planted 4 spuds in a trash can. As they grow I’ll add sawdust or dirt to the barrel.  Hopefully I’ll have a trash can full of taters.

This won’t be my full garden.  This one is about 70×30 but I plan to also till up some of the pasture next door so I can have somewhere to plant my corn, cucumbers, and melons.

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