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Saturday mornings were made for doughnuts

November 2, 2009 2 comments

On Saturday mornings I sometimes like to make a special treat for the kids. They really like biscuit doughnuts, which are made with a can of biscuits, hot grease and glazing (or cinnamon). Even I can’t mess those up. But we were out of biscuits.

So I got online and found a doughnut recipe at that looked easy and quick. (Note to self: This should be an early warning sign.)

I mixed up all the ingredients according to the website and the dough was way too sticky and runny. I had to add at least an additional cup of floor before the dough was kneed-able. I think instead of oil (I used Canola oil), shortening might have worked better. I got the dough ready and let the nuts sit for a while to rise. The recipe said 10 minutes, but mine weren’t rising (maybe the yeast I used?). I let them go another 10 minutes and very little if any rising occurred.

My grease was ready so I cooked a few then glazed a couple and cinnamonized a couple…

The kids hated them.
They were bland and too heavy.

Another failed experiment in the kitchen for yours truly.

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Consistently Bad Ribs

October 3, 2009 2 comments

Participated in a rib cook-off today and lost … again.

3 times, 3 loses. Never even in the top 3. 7th out of 9 this year and it was a low turnout.

I think I need to enter a pizza cook-off instead, or chicken nuggets.

My cousin won this year. They host it and this is his first year (out of 5) to win. I must admit, his were better than mine.

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Experiments in cooking

September 20, 2009 Comments off

This evening I decided to relieve the wife and cook a nice meal for the family.
I chose to make “Pa’s Corn Dogs”.

pronto pup

Kids love ’em. Adults like ’em. What could go wrong?
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