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Can eating candy as a kid make you a bad person?

October 3, 2009 Comments off

First we learned that spanking makes your kids dumb.
Now researchers say that eating candy in childhood is linked to adult crime.

The research was led by Simon Moore, a senior lecturer in Violence and Society Research at Cardiff University in the U.K., who specializes in the study of vulnerable youngsters. Moore had been investigating the factors that lead children to commit serious crimes, when, during the course of his work, he discovered that “kids with the worst problems tend to be impulsive risk takers, and that these kids had terrible diets – breakfast was a Coke and a bag of chips,” he says.

What kind of parent gives their kid a Coke and chips for breakfast?

“The key message is that this study really raises more questions than answers,” says Moore. One of those questions is whether sweets themselves contain compounds that promote antisocial and aggressive behavior, or whether the excessive eating of sweets represents a lack of discipline in childhood that translates to poor impulse control in adulthood. Moore is leaning toward the latter. It’s possible that children who are given sweets too frequently never learn how to delay gratification

Hmm, you think?

Its not the sweets, its the lack of parenting. This is one of those “you don’t say?” studies. At least its the Brits wasting money on this one, not the U.S. Unfortunately Time magazine gives this a rotten spin with their headline.

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Let’s all Celebrate Communism!

October 1, 2009 Comments off

Pictures from China’s celebration of 60 years of commie rule

These are definitely some impressive displays of coordination and discipline, I’ll give them that much.

However, what I find most disturbing is not the military might of China, but the western media and liberals reactions to the anniversary. Should we really be lighting up the Empire State Building to celebrate this?

Congratulations on repressing your people!
Good job killing millions of babies through forced abortion!
Congrats on the Tienanmen Square Massacre!
You are such a great country!

America what has happened to you?

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