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Illinois is bankrupt

January 20, 2010 Comments off

If there was ever a need for some fiscal discipline, even bloodletting, it is now.
Illinois enters a state of insolvency
I would almost say good riddance, let the state die, but I need to buy some more personal protection and emergency supplies first. No telling what this will lead to.

Oh yeah, thanks Rod and fellow democrats!



Home Security

October 10, 2009 2 comments

Saw a commercial about Brinks Broadview Home Security System and how you can save 20% on your home owners insurance after installing their system. So at $155 for installation and then $32 a month for the monitoring service, I can save $20 a month on my insurance. I’m out $299 for the year, but I can have more piece of mind.

I wonder if my home owners insurance company will give me 20% off for providing my own security in the form of a G U N?

.22 rifle

Doubt it. But at least when I grab my kid and run upstairs (like in the commercial) I wouldn’t be cowering in the closet or waiting for Brinks to call and make sure everything is OK while the perp is breaking down the door. I would be defending my castle and preventing a robbery. No claims for insurance to pay. Maybe I should ask my agent.

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